Anti-Cellulite Massage

Anti-Cellulite Massage

How does anti-cellulite Massage works?

It includes different techniques, deep massage, and pressure on the area. The idea is to loosen up any fatty tissue underneath the skin in order to smooth out the appearance of the skin. This is combined with Cavitation and Radio Frequency to get good results.

Why Do I have cellulite?

Cellulite has many names including gynoid lipodystrophy or orange peel syndrome. It is caused by the herniation of subcutaneous fat combined with fibrous connective tissue. Cellulite forms on top of the skin and gives it an appearance of dimples and nodularity usually around the buttocks, lower limbs, and stomach. Cellulite forms in women after puberty and is quite common.

Although cellulite is a form of fat, the cause is not always directly linked with diet and lifestyle choices. The causes can be due to hormones or hereditary.


  • Smooth out the contours of skin around thighs and buttocks
  • Reduce the dimpled look of fatty deposits
  • Improve appearance and texture by removing dead skin cells
  • Promote lymphatic drainage, preventing the build-up of toxins